Tales from the back of the eyelids

True stories from my dreams

In this section, in the column on the right, you will find some short stories which are based on my dreams. Dreams are silly, so this is the sillier section of the website. However, even silly things can be true and although this section is sillier, it is also the more truthful part.  The Guess Worker section, in contrast, is only speculation and therefore it´s possible that everything I write there is false  - with the single exception that I mention - the existence of my consciousness, which I am sure is true.

Here, though, I describe what happened in my head while I was asleep, and because my dreams appear in my consciousness, I can be sure that they really did happen in my head. Of course, even this truth has its limits. Because dreams are often vague, to make readable stories occasionally I had to pad them out with my imagination. But the imagination also plays out in the consciousness, and is itself very similar to dreaming, so I don't believe that I have diluted the truth of these stories to any significant degree.

Of course, the important question is not whether the stories are true or not but whether they are interesting. Because I believe they are, I am posting them here. The drawback for me is that from my unconscious you might find out things about me that I would rather you didn't. But that is a risk I am willing to face.

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